A Nation of Whiners

To whine is “…to complain or beg in a childishly undignified way,” according to Webster’s Dictionary.

Grandma was right: whining usually doesn’t get results and annoys almost everybody.

I love everything about the easy access we have to information. Television, other media, and the Internet overflow with facts (even the “true facts” one of my language-challenged friends sends me almost daily – I keep wondering about facts that may not be true…..), opinions, and advice. We are even provided with opportunities to snoop on people (reality shows, YouTube).

I tune out folks that are apparently compelled to whine.  It is impossible for me to consider seriously the words of a millionaire U.S. Senator when he announces he is against providing health care to people who can’t afford it.  I hear that person say those words and all I can do is wonder what he hopes to gain from his opposition.  When I hear a radio entertainer state that the reason the Democrats want health care reform is to ensure they ingratiate themselves to enough people to get re-elected, I can’t help but wonder whether that radio entertainer has dreamed that up because he would like to ingratiate himself to enough people to stay on the radio.  Then I wonder where are the ideas for progress from the Senator and the radio entertainer?  If you want to defeat a proposal, shouldn’t you have a proposal of your own?  Then I recall a quote attributed to former U.S. Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn.  Paraphrased it went like this: any jackass can knock something down; it takes talent and hard work to build something.

Another thing I wonder: what happened to the loyal opposition, and how did the loyal opposition come to be replaced by the whiners?  I worry that we’ve become a nation of whiners…..


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