All Fools Down, a Novel – Excerpt

It wasn’t that difficult to get away with it when you knew what you were doing.
Most of the time he started by making sure there was absolutely no connection between him and the object of his affections. Tonight was no exception. Who would ever put it together? First he parked his motorcycle in another parking lot a few blocks from the bus stop. Then he reached the busy shopping center by taking the bus, getting off before the bus arrived at the shopping center, and walking the rest of the way, turning and stopping frequently to check whether anyone was following. The shopping center parking lot was big, crowded, and dark. He would convince her to drive her car to a third parking lot a few blocks from where he had parked his motorcycle. Everything was in place.
Changing his appearance was the hardest part. Or maybe it was making sure he didn’t stand out, didn’t do or say anything to anyone who might remember him, didn’t dress or otherwise present himself in a memorable way.


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