NC Greenmarket at the Polk House

A link to my recent article on about ordering and picking up fresh foods at the Polk House in Raleigh:


Book produces two pleasant surprises this week

Trying to be calm about this, but not doing all that well, all five copies of my book that were donated to our county library were checked out when I looked yesterday, and two copies I donated for an FBI Foundation auction at the Western Regional SFSAFBI Conference each brought around $200. As The Great One Jackie Gleason often said: “How sweet it is!”

It began as a short story……

I’ve been posting a short story every so often and have received some positive comments from readers.  Many thanks to all.

Then there are the readers who ask when my next novel will be ready.

It turns out one of the short stories I’ve been working on the past few weeks is threatening to turn into a novel.  No sense trying to write what it’s about – the question everybody asks – because as I write it may well start out in one direction and zoom off in another.  Let’s just say so far it deals with racial situations in south Chicago in the 1950’s – at least one part of it does.  At the moment.  The characters, as authors often say, may drive the story in a different direction, but for now…..