Tracking Me Down

We’ve moved. I have a hip to replace – soon. My dentist is considering sending me a taxi. We had to rent the townhouse. I have other excuses for not writing, but they are all as lame.
And now I must relate some news. In the past month or two I have heard from a high school classmate, another former student from Lew Wallace H.S., a fellow teacher at Lew Wallace H.S., a first cousin, and a guy I worked with when I was the State Court Administrator in Michigan. They tracked me down on the Internet.

How long has it been since my last contact with these expert trackers? Let’s see:

The high school classmate: 52 years
The Lew Wallace student: 45 years
The fellow teacher: also 45 years
The first cousin: not sure, but probably 65 years
The guy I worked with in Michigan: 30 years

The numbers of years I have never been out of touch with my closest friends on Planet Earth: 46, 45, 40, 30, 19, and 15, not counting the 31 years my bride has put up with me. Also not counting my grown children, who will always be among my very best friends and who have reached the ages of 48, 46, 42 and 39.

Thank heaven for the best of friends, the ones who have never had to track me down. And to all those others from Chicago, Gary, Washington, Seattle, Cleveland, Michigan, Falls Church and Wake Forest – track me down any time!


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