Background, experience, (and maybe) etc.

A couple of inquiries have floated to my in-box lately, inquiries about my background and experience.  One of my responses was the short piece I posted a week or two ago titled “Why I Write.”  I wrote that post, slightly modified, because the publisher of my novel asked for it, advising that they were asking a number of their writers for their thoughts on writing and would be publishing them in a collection.

My intent today is to set out a brief summary in further response to readers, with the hope that they are not asking because they just cannot believe I’ve been allowed enough free time here in the cuckoo’s nest to post to my very own blog…..  So here goes:

First, family.  A first marriage resulted in four beautiful, healthy, happy, and accomplished children, all grown now.  My children, their spouses, the five grandkids, and my talented and charming wife who married me even though I already had four children and other shortcomings twenty-nine years ago – all are the most important people of all.

Family is treasure; the work experience grows less significant with the passage of time, even though I remember going to work every day believing that no one could ever do my job with more dedication, skill, and integrity, looking back with the more practiced eye of a septuagenarian makes me realize all of it was for family.  All of it.

Here is how I marched along the career path(s)…..

After a few years of service in the U. S. Air Force, I finished college at Northern Illinois University with a B.S. in Mathematics and minors in Physics and Russian language.

In a span of ten years after graduation I taught and coached at two high schools (Rich Central in Olympia Fields, Illinois and Lew Wallace in Gary, Indiana), was a systems engineer with IBM at the Chicago Data Center, and worked criminal and counter espionage as an FBI agent in Seattle and Washington, DC.

After leaving the FBI I settled into legal management for the next twenty-two years, first as Director of the Court Project in Cleveland, Ohio, then as the State Court Administrator in Lansing, Michigan, and finally as Executive Director of the law firm of Dow, Lohnes & Albertson in Washington, DC.

In 1991 Karen and I packed up to take a four-month break from work, drove across the country and back, and settled in Wake Forest, North Carolina.  Since then I have worked part-time as a management consultant and in residential real estate as a broker and prelicensing instructor.

In all of my work writing has played a very important role.  People I worked with often told me that they thought I wrote well, that my writing was clear and concise.  I have always enjoyed writing and about the time we moved to North Carolina I began to take some creative writing classes in the hope that I might one day write for publication.  That dream came true with the publication of my first novel, “All Fools Down,” in January, 2010.  Excerpts from my novel appear elsewhere in this blog.  I’m working on another novel, but it is slow going.

Many thanks to all who read by blog and send me comments and suggestions!


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