Ibuprofen Rules

Haven’t been writing much lately.  My excuse this time: left hip hurts when I sit for longer than ten minutes or so, and I don’t have a stand-up desk.  Doctor’s advice: new hip.  My thought: yikes!  Friend of mine showed me an x-ray of his new hip – thought it was a photo from i-Robot out-takes.

When I calmed down and realized I’ve ben popping a bottle of ibuprofen a day (I exaggerate of course), I reached out for the Humana website to find an in-network orthopedic surgeon.  Found several, but it turns out I also have to find one that operates in the two Humana in-network hospitals in Raleigh.  Not the easiest of tasks, although I did find one who operates in an in-network hospital in Cary, a longer trip from Wake Forest than we’d like, but it’s in-network and therefore not as expensive as Rex Hospital, the one I’d rather use.  As for the surgeon, his website offers quite a bit of information, including his having graduated from the Fargo, ND medical and auto air conditioning repair school (just kidding of course), but doesn’t show his med school grades, particularly the one he got in hip replacement.

Nevertheless, I hope to have a new left hip in the next week or two and be back in shape for writing, vacuuming, grandpa duty, and golf by the end of September.

Meanwhile, to paraphrase a Zen saying: After enlightening, the ibuprofen. 



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