No more cursive or facts or “not” in the right place……

Just listened to a discussion on NPR about public schools that are abandoning the teaching of cursive.  Heard one expert say some things that were astonishing in their lack of, how shall I put it,  logic, common sense, supportable factual content…..


a)  Daydreaming while writing with pen and paper is the same as surfing while writing on a computer.  My guess is that this depends on the individual.  I know I can’t get NFL scores by daydreaming, and I know I waste much less time daydreaming than surfing.

b)  Multitasking is not possible while writing with pen and paper but a given while writing on a computer.  Huh?  It’s a well-know fact that guys can’t multi-task, and I’m a guy.  So this difference doesn’t matter.

c)  Disagreeing with a comment that these days everybody has a computer one of the experts said: “Everybody does not have a computer,” which of course is clearly not true, because I’m a member of the group called “everybody” and I have a computer.  Hint: it’s a matter of where to place the word “not.”  If she had said not everybody has a computer my cage would have remained in an unrattled state, but to say everybody does not have a computer rattles my cage with vigor.  And it scared me, because I thought the next comment would be that we must petition the federal government to get busy and make certain “everybody” has a computer.

I already knew kids weren’t learning cursive from handwriting samples collected from children and grandchildren.  The girls do well, but the samples from the boys might as well be drawn on the walls of caves.  Opinion: cursive should still be taught.  And thank-you notes and birthday wishes and sympathy cards and other greeting cards should be hand-written, despite my habit of late to forget every occasion for which I once used hand-written cards and instead sitting at my computer shame-faced selecting an e-card the day of the event.  Or later.

Is it just me?


One thought on “No more cursive or facts or “not” in the right place……

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