How I’m Doin’ – Medical Update

Still taking the pain medicine, but doing most of my walking with a cane instead of the walker.  Much more of a jaunty feeling with a cane.

Nurse and physical therapist visits continue for another week.  I see the surgeon September 22 for the post-operation evaluation and permission to drive (a car, alas, not a golf ball).  Never one to wish for time to go by more rapidly, at this point I’d like the visit to be tomorrow – but it’s two weeks away.

In days of old I got past various injuries by pushing myself with jogging, tennis, basketball, etc.  Not going to happen this time.  My exercise routines take place lying down, sitting, or holding on to the kitchen counter.  I am, however, reminded daily of how fortunate I am to live in a time when severe arthritis of the hip doesn’t sentence me to a wheelchair.  I’m also reminded of one of my everlasting heros, my sister Patti, for whom a hip joint replacement must seem like having a sliver removed.

Thanks for all the calls, visits, cards, messages.  Family and friends – there is nothing more important.


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