Good Checkup – More Rehab

The much anticipated 4th week hip replacement surgery checkup went well this morning, so well I probably won’t have that nightmare any more.  What nightmare?  The one in which the surgeon comes into the exam room with the x-ray and a long face and tells me the whole thing has to be a do-over and that he’s scheduled me for December.

I can drive short distances and only have to use the cane when I’m tired or exiting my car (freshly parked in a handicapped zone).  Three more weeks of exercises, walking, and (maybe) physical therapy and I’ll be able to hack my way around the golf course any possibly even the tennis court as well as before the surgery.  Medication is Tylenol only, and only once or twice a day.

Still having trouble sleeping throught the night (no problem with naps at any time and of any duration in my trusty recliner) and sitting in any spot other than the recliner.  Thank heaven for sports and movies on TV.  Thank heaven also for good books to read.

And tons of thanks to family and friends for all the get well encouragements!


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