Hip Hip Hooray!

Here’s the last medical update on the hip joint replacement.  Almost titled it “Final Medical Update” until I realized that title went a bit too far and might even be thought of as a prediction I certainly don’t want to be suggesting.  Reminds me of a friend’s response to a young fellow who asked him if he’d lived all his life in Wake Forest: “Not yet.”

I must admit I was more than a little worried for a while.  Although everybody was telling me how well I was doing, a few weeks into rehab I remained skeptical about ever being able to sit in anything other than a recliner for more than 10 minutes, much less swing a golf club or a tennis racket.  I was walking without a cane, but my stride resembled that of one of the extras in the film Night of the Living Dead.  That may be too harsh a comparison, but it’s how I felt.

But – good news!  Haven’t tested the tennis yet, and sitting remains a bit of a problem, but yesterday I played golf without pain in the replaced hip joint area.  Picked up right where I’d left off; that is to say my round consisted of the same number of good holes and the usual and predictable disasters on the rest.  Had a great time though, and especially enjoyed the company of fellow masochists out there thrashing away at the landscaping.

I’m doing so well I can hardly bring myself to use my rear-view mirror handicapped hanger, even when the parking lot is crowded.  But I rise to the challenge.  Besides, anybody watching me struggle a bit to get in and out of my car probably wouldn’t begrudge me the parking spot.  I’m told one of the secrets to staying somewhat loose is to avoid sitting still for more than twenty minutes.  Judging from how I have to fold myself in and out of the car and stretch a bit every time  I stand up, I think moving around a little every 20 minutes or so is sound advice.  The word “nimble” may no longer be applied to my movements, if ever it was applied.

Thanks again to family and friends for all the calls, visits, messages, and encouragement!


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