Plastic Wrap & Aluminum Foil Primer & Survey

OK, let’s end the suspense right away: how many of you realize that there are little push-in tabs on the ends of your Glad Cling Wrap and Reynolds Wrap boxes that, when you push them in, hold the roll in the box when you pull out a sheet of the plastic or aluminum foil?

We discovered these little tabs on a short time ago, and the discovery has changed our lives.  No more do we contort ourselves trying hold on to three things at once (box, roll, and whatever portion of the roll we are attempting to extricate from the box).  I kid you not – using those little push-in tabs will change some of the part of your life you spend in or near the kitchen wrestling with plastic wrap and aluminum foil.

And now I just made another discovery while examining the Reynolds Wrap box: two additional little tabs on the front that you can tuck the cover back into, thereby simplifying the task of reinserting the box back into its place when you have finished pulling up and tearing off the appropriate size piece(s) of aluminum foil.

A word of caution: if you are male, it takes at least two tries to come up with the proper size piece of aluminum foil, and your first try is usually too small.  But take heart: there is a method for splicing two pieces together, a method I shall attempt to describe at some future time.  Don’t even think about trying to splice a couple of plastic wrap sheets; just toss the first one, the one that’s too small.

So – how many of you, males and females, knew about the push-in tabs on the ends of the boxes…..?  Be honest.  We feel dumb enough already.


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