And Still Another Shooter

About the Aurora, Colorado murders July 20, 2012:

If the shooter is not completely disconnected from reality, be it a mental disorder or the influence of drugs, then there is no explanation for his actions other than pure evil.

The shooter’s name will not appear in anything I write; he has already had too much exposure.

And please, enough with the suggestions that if the other theater goers had been armed this would not have happened.  Picture a dark theater full of citizens blazing away, perhaps unsure of their target, perhaps wondering whether there is more than one shooter.  Wait, there are more shooters, and they’re all over the place!  Hope I have more ammo…..

It’s not possible that the Founding Fathers drew up the 2nd Amendment had automatic weapons borne by mentally deficient or just plain evil people in movie theaters in mind.  The words refer to a “…well-regulated militia….,” not the Aurora tragedy, the Virginia Tech tragedy, the tragedy in Norway, the Ft. Hood tragedy, the Washington DC sniper, or any of the other senseless losses of life this and other shooters have managed to achieve in our country.

People kill people, and too often they do it with guns.  When will we learn?


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