The S-word

No, not that S-word.  The one I have in mind is “Stimulus.” as reported in The NEW NEW DEAL,” by Michael  Grumwald, 2012, Simon & Schuster, Inc.

In a TIME Magazine adaptation in the September 10, 2012 edition, also written by Michael Grumwald, the author points out that the stimulus “…invested $90 billion in clean energy…, launched Race to the Top, a landmark education reform program, and…included the biggest infrastructure push since Eisenhower’s, the biggest middle-class tax cuts since Reagan’s and the biggest research investments ever.”

You’ll have to read the article – better yet the book – for more details.  For example, read why the economic situation was so far into free fall when Obama took office that steps to halt the free fall had to be taken immediately, steps that would be difficult to accept for a public already in a state of agitation over Bush’s unpopular bank bailout.  The stimulus was implemented quickly and was not perfect.  Imagine that.

Despite having to come up with a strategy coupled with solid programs in a very short time, the stimulus program also doubled wind and solar power production, “…jump-started a smart grid and created a domestic battery industry for electric vehicles.  It began dragging our pencil and paper health care system into the digital era and modernized the New Deal-era unemployment insurance system.  But it didn’t change the way politics is practiced in Washington.”

Imagine that.  Obama couldn’t change Washington politics in a few years.  What a surprise.


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