Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy 2013 and Beyond……

 Looked for cards.  The ones I saw had a “Made in China” disclosure on the box.  Thought I’d give the US Postal Service a break and offer up a few words “Made in Wake Forest” instead.


 Got to see most of the family, all of the grandkids, but too few of our far-flung friends.  Great trips to Colorado, Savannah, Florida, the NC Outer Banks. 

 Wonderful Thanksgiving in Savannah.  Lots of local travel and just the two of us to Beaufort and Ocean City in June.   Great times with visitors Joe and Karen Mollahan.  Super weekend in Fayetteville with Mike and Julie.

 Grand times with our respective book clubs.

 Karen – working, sewing doll clothes, demonstrating flower arranging and volunteering to make arrangements for local nursing homes with Flower Cart, finishing jigsaw puzzles her husband can’t fathom, preparing gourmet meals most every evening, looking wonderful every day, taking care of her husband, handling all the creative endeavors, etc.

 Einar, Joe, Skip, Dad, Papa Bone – reading, vacuuming, playing golf, helping a friend of a friend with his real estate business, subbing now and then at the real estate school, writing blog articles, staring at other writing projects in various stages of progress, still wondering why the world isn’t perfect yet (and complaining about it), handling the unskilled labor, etc.

 Have to marvel at contacts via social media initiated by folks I haven’t seen or heard from in years.  Former students, co-workers, pals from Air Force days, classmates – what miracles of communication we possess!


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