Hurricanes In Michigan?

Still possessing a great amount of affection for my former adopted State of Michigan, I read in the December 30, 2012 Raleigh News & Observer newspaper  that Michigan is among the 18 states sharing, so far, $683 million in federal grants for construction of “hurricane domes.”  FEMA provides 75% of the funds and the remainder comes from local communities.  The article showed a photo of a $2.5 million hurriicane dome in Edna, Texas.

Quick research (that means I Googled “Hurricanes in Michigan”) revealed that, while there is apparently no record of hurricane winds in The Wolverine State, aka, The Great Lake State, there have been heavy downpours (rain) resulting from the remnants of hurricanes, notably Hurricane Ike.

The windowless dome-shaped buldings will serve as community centers and  high school athletic facilities when the weather is favorable, and withstand 200 mph winds when visits from Mother Nature and Cousin Global Warming visit.  Before a hurricane strikes, the plan is for the domes to protect the sick, elderly, and special-needs residents unale to evacuate.  First reponders will also use the Domes, allowing them to respond more quickly once the storm has passed by.

Imagine my surprise when I learned of a useful, permanent attempt by the Feds to try and solve at least some of the disastrous weather problems before something happens.  Planning ahead.  Anticipating a problem and acting on at least a partial solution.

There is a slight disconnect with the reasoning that came up with a need for the domes in Michigan, but here’s hoping that North Carolina, our new adopted State, will get on the list, especially for our neighbors on or near the Atlantic Coast.  More Googling to come…..

I’m fairly certain it was Mark Twain who came up something along these lines: “Always tell the truth.  This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”  I offer a paraphrase as a goal for our collected Washington, DC and other government officials: “Endeavor often to address problems before they happen.  This will gratify some voters and astonish the rest.”


One thought on “Hurricanes In Michigan?

  1. Einar –

    Common sense ideas like planning ahead seem to have trouble gaining traction in DC, but have a Happy New Year anyway.



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