Thumbs Up and Down; Bronx Cheer

Thumbs up with tons of admiration and respect fot the first responders, law enforcement, and medical professions men and women for all they did and continue to do in Boston and surrounds this week.

Thumbs down for the U.S. senators who voted against gun control measures that are favored by 90% or Americans.

Thumbs down and a Bronx Cheer (tongue out slightly, lips pressed to tongue, blow out) to the NC legislators who voted to eliminate teacher aides and the requirement for kindergarten through 3rh grades to have a 24-student maximum.  Those legislators should be made to teach one of those grades for a week, alone, with the the sure to be bemused regular teacher on hand to observe, gloat a bit, and step in when the fertilizer hits the ventilation system.


4 thoughts on “Thumbs Up and Down; Bronx Cheer

  1. This is really a great job by all our responders WORKING TOGETHER. I hope they feel fulfilled and can do it again (if, pray God, NOT needed). It was a great operation…l; KUDOS to all concerned—even the news media.


  2. You hit this proverbial nail right on its proverbial head. This legislature is moving full speed ahead to exercise its POWER leaving in its wake actions that have moved us backward and subjected the state to national ridicule. MEB


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