Social Media?


I can spend more time wandering through Facebook than accomplishing things I should be doing.

And much of it (I’m guilty too) consists of messages from true believers shilling for blue and red politicians and issues, preaching to blue and red choirs.  Is there anything “social” about that type of media?  Are we not divided enough without the unrelenting calls for “forward this message or you’re an insensitive moron,” investigations, “likes,” resignations, calls for impeachments, blah, blah, blah and yadda, yadda, yadda?

I focus on family photos, beautiful nature photos, announcements of celebrations, messages about family accomplishments, memories of family events, memories of family members present and past, useful tips like using toothpaste to clean your headlight lenses (didn’t work) – you get the idea.

Have to go now.  Now that I’ve offended true believers of all stripes, I need some time to compose my latest message from an (old) bleeding heart.

And I’m late for my nap.


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