Don’t Worry, I Explained

Just applied some of the vitamin E gel supplied by the doc who cut away the basal cell an inch or so under my left eye. leaving a very small scar he says should be gone in 6 months.  Meanwhile I’m left to wonder why the medics always talk about how “you’ll feel a little pinch” right before they do something that makes you want to scream and bite down on a bowling ball at the same time.

Big baby me…..the numbing shots were by far the worst of it, but anything that affects or is near to affecting the eye is trauma time for me and has been since my father died of cancer of the eye at the age of 41 in 1953.

And the worst of that, besides my parents’ divorce when I was 5 and losing my father for good 8 years later and from then on thinking I’d be gone by 41, was having my older son inform me, when he was 7, that I obviously didn’t know how to be a father because my father  wasn’t with me always when I was 7.

Right after getting over wondering a moment or two about how a 7 year-old could possibly come up with that, I told him not to worry, that I watched a lot of TV, had some helpful education, and had 4 younger stepsisters I learned from when I took care of them.

He shrugged, said OK, and headed out the back door to play with his pals.

Learned it’s best not to offer too many details to a 7 year-old.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, I Explained

  1. Loved reading this and while doing so could see in my mind you and 7-yr old Einar David having this conversation (FUNNY). Especially since I have a 7-yr old granddaugther and I don’t know how she comes up with the stuff she says sometimes. You are absolutely right about the fewer the details the better. Sorry you had to go through the removal but glad you are taking care of yourself 🙂


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