NSA Overloaded!

Anybody know how many technicians/analysts at NSA are listening to all our phone calls and reading all our emails?

What’s our population number now?  300 million plus?

Let’s see.  If there are 5,000 NSA types doing the listening and reading, and 300 million of us make 5 calls a day and write 5 emails a day, that comes to 10 calls and emails to be reviewed for each of us, which comes to a total of 300 million times 10, which I think is 3 billion calls and emails each day.

Which means the 5,000 NSA types are each reviewing, on average, 3 billion divided by 5,000, which I think comes to 600,000.

Let’s cut the number of people making those 10 calls and emails a day in half.  After all, some of our 300 million are children, mental patients, allergic, and technologically incompetent, which means of course the 5,000 NSA types only have 300,000 calls and emails to review each day.

Does anyone believe an NSA type can review 300,000 phone calls and emails a day?

The NSA computers probably do a lot of the reviewing by looking for key words and such.  Where do you think the IRS learned how to track the Tea Party?  So cut out another 200,000 phone calls and emails.  I’m sure a good analyst can handle 100,000 a day.  Doesn’t everybody analyze that many messages a day?

But what if there are fewer NSA types and more phone calls and emails?  And what if the key words aren’t quite getting the job done?

I can’t be comfortable if some of the calls and emails aren’t being reviewed because those NSA types and NSA computers aren’t getting the job done.

I’m open to proposed solutions as well as arithmetic correction.  After all, as everybody know, I majored in math, not arithmetic.


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