ObamaCares – Get Out of the Way

To the astonishment of family and friends, I, along with the opinions of a bunch of present and former presidents and other leaders of both parties, am in favor of health care for every man, woman and child in the USA.

Not that ObamaCares will turn out to be the perfect system.  When is the last time anybody did anything perfectly the first time in any worthwhile endeavor?

But I stand firmly with the likes of governors Steve Beshear (D-Kentucky), Jan Brewer (R-Arizona), John Kasich (R-Ohio), and Rick Snyder (R-Michigan) in support of programs that “…help beleaguered families, strengthen work forces, attract companies, and create a balanced budget” (Steve Beshear, Raleigh News and Observer, September 28, 2013, page 15A – “In a state of need for Obamacare.”

Governor Beshear wants partisan opponents of Obamacare to “get out of the way’ and spend the energy they are using to put up roadblocks to get the system going and save lives.  “The Affordable Care Act was approved by Congress and sanctioned by the Supreme Court.  It is the law of the land.”

Get over it indeed.  I’d like to see Congress quit attempting a referendum on the President’s election and accomplish something.


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