Lawyer? Not me…..

I am not a lawyer.

However, I have worked among and with hundreds, yes, hundreds of lawyers and judges in my time.  I have likely heard and repeated every lawyer joke and have had a few lawyers and judges express their surprise when they find out I am not a lawyer.

I have admired and respected all but a very few of the lawyers and judges I have known and worked with, saving my personal distaste for the likes of those few who didn’t measure up to the many.  For example, I didn’t take kindly to judges who were more than slightly drunk while on the bench, or one who showed a Michigan State Policeman the pistol he always had with him when he pulled over on a Detroit freeway to intervene in a traffic stop.

I am not a lawyer, but I submit that I know enough about how lawyers work to agree with my wife’s complaint about our governor’s hiring of a lawyer to represent North Carolina in defense of the recently passed NC legislation on voter registration.  I know enough to know that it is the job of the taxpayer-funded Office of the Attorney General to represent NC in lawsuits, but this governor has decided to spend additional taxpayer money because the NC Attorney General happens to be a D and not an R, and, the governor feels, can’t or won’t vigorously represent NC in the lawsuit challenging the (excuse me) discriminatory new law.

Apparently I know more about how lawyers work than our governor does.

Here’s the story I heard years ago that illustrates the point that good lawyers can and do represent people and issues they may not personally approve of or agree with.  A proud father meets his law school son to take him to lunch.  As luck would have it, the young man had just finished a grueling law school exam and asked his father the lawyer what he thought was the correct answer to one of the exam questions.  Dad’s response; “Son, I don’t know, but I could brief either side.”

In short, I am certain the NC Attorney General can and will mount a vigorous defense, and that the taxpayers do not need to shell out a ton of money to defend a law that (pardon me) should never have seen the light of day.


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