U.S. Health Care System Axioms and Computer System “Bugs”

First, this will be a short post.  Second, unlike many who are bashing Obamacare and the troubled “roll out,” this post will not contain deliberately false statements.  And third….if I think of a third I’ll put it in the second-last paragraph.

I’d like to see all the citizens who are in the Medicare system and opposed to Obamacare because it’s a “government health care program” – I’d like to see them refuse any additional Medicare benefits.  Refuse the benefits.  Won’t happen.

I submit there are two fundamental positions that must be agreed to and accepted before this wonderful and greatest country on Planet Earth will have a health care system that makes sense: 1) that all U.S. citizens deserve good health care regardless of financial capability, race, gender, religion, color, financial capability, national origin, marital status, financial capability, family status, political party,  and 2) that our health care system should not be “for-profit.”

Did I mention financial status as something that shouldn’t prevent a citizen of the United States from obtaining good health care?

My 2), above, is likely to brand me as a socialist, or worse, but as long as health care is a for-profit “system” efforts to adhere to my 1), above, will be mercilessly pummelled by the legions of people for whom that “system” is profitable, including many, not all, medical professionals, drug companies and their marketing and advertising colleagues, lobbyists (really?), etc.

If we can’t agree on 1) and 2), even incrementally with a program such as, let me think a minute – the Affordable Care Act – we’ll never have a complete and fair health care system.  (This was the third…..see the first paragraph.)

Finally, as someone who has a fair amount of experience with complex computer systems, I note that never in the brief history of mankind’s struggle with computer systems has a new system worked perfectly or even very well.  I have been told that an IT legend by the name of Grace Hopper of the U.S. Navy invented the word that describes what IT analysts and programmers without exception find in all computer systems: “bugs.”  I’m told it was an actual bug, fried on a wire in the guts of an early computer and causing the system to crash,  that inspired the use of the word.  I was told these kernels of wisdom by Grace Hopper at a computer conference in Chicago in the last Century (around 1975).  Computer systems have bugs, and eventually the worst of them are exterminated.


2 thoughts on “U.S. Health Care System Axioms and Computer System “Bugs”

  1. the best, fairest, truthful,statement yet…….when you pay $2000 a month insurance like i did, you know our 15 % increase on the same as last yr. coverage is a rip off.


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