Stuff I Save a While Before Throwing It Away

Every 4th Thursday I go through the pile of stuff I keep on my desk for a month before throwing it away.

I’m retired, but I recall doing the same thing when I had a desk in an office.  The work stuff was higher class; for example, an announcement about an upcoming seminar on a subject I needed to learn more about.  But I recall doing the same thing with my work pile that I do with the current monthly pile; that is, into the trash.

This month my pile includes, but is not limited to, the following:

–  3 coupons for cleaning the air vents in our home

–  4 offers for discounted food from restaurants

–  2 coupons for plumbing services

–  3 coupons for tires or auto repairs of some sort

–  Several reduced cost massage offers

–  Various magazine subscription offers

–  Publishers Clearing House (need I write more?)

–  Several home security systems – free!

–  LifeLock ID theft services (might do this one)

–  3 offers for investment services

–  Pressure washing and painting services – discounted

–  Insurance flyers of all sort – life, health, auto, homeowners

–  Sales on mattresses

–  Cable TV offers – 200 channels I don’t have time to watch even though retired

–  Tools at huge discounts

–  Clothing and shoe sales from everybody who sells them

–  Hearing aid equipment – huh?

–  4 retirement/assisted living brochures, each one more than tempting

(especially the ones that include meals and golf)

–  Local publications I like when I first see them but never read them

(what am I missing?)

I do not exaggerate; I kid you not.  The list is roughly the same every month.

Once a quarter or so I try to take somebody up on an offer, an effort that usually results in calls that are not returned, small print I couldn’t read even if I knew it was there, or astonished sales clerks telling me that deal was cut off 2 months ago.

Had a guy from one of the air vent cleaning establishments a while back say: “We didn’t mean all the air vents.”

And that’s a fitting end for this edition.


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