It was the better defense……

Have to weigh in on the 2-2-2014, 48th, Super Bowl.

The better team, in fact far superior defense, won the game.

With Wilson under center for the Broncos and Manning under center for the Seahawks the score would likely have been 86-8.

Defense wins championships.

End of story.


One thought on “It was the better defense……

  1. Mr. Bolin,

    I totally agree with your take on the game. (Don’t tell Unitas!) Defense trumps offense…Jombardi, Landry, and Eubank said it before.

    I’m a collegue and friend of Larry Lineberger’s, and I also started the Lutheran parish in Denver, N.C. back in the ’80s. As a boy in Baltimore in the late 40s I carried water buckets for the All America Conference Colts, and later in the early 50s spotted and commented on regular pre and post Colt game radio programs. (WCBM). So, as a loyal Colt fan, and not a spoil sport, (but no great love for Bob Irsay) I have a comment on the late Super Bowl:

    My comment on the game (as on every Colt and Bronco game since Payton’s neck was injured): Thank God he didn’t get hurt. With all due respct and admiration, I hope he sees fit to retire while he’s healthy.

    Other than that, the Sea Hawks were awesome. Put your money on Russell Wilson – he’s a comer.

    Elmer Medley (LC-MS ret.) Fort Lauderdale


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