Misleading if not false advertising on health care

Karen McGrew of Raleigh, NC, wrote to the Raleigh News & Observer about a misleading ad the Koch brothers sponsored.
You’ve probably seen it. Seems like it runs every a couple of times an hour.
The ad features a woman “…who suffers from lupus and lost her health insurance because of Obamacare.” Ms. McGrew writes that the woman’s lost health insurance was a Tennessee program with “a $25,000 maximum cap,” and that Tennessee, like North Carolina, did not take advantage of the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare that would have taken care of the woman’s problem.
Health insurance with a $25,000 maximum cap? Might as well not have insurance. A colonscopy and an MRI will probably bust that budget.
Ms. McGrew offers a reason the Koch brothers are willing to part with millions to run those ads: “…large corporations do not want to pay for health insurance plans required by ACA. It has been far cheaper to pay minimum wage with no benefits and have the rest of us foot the medical bills for their employees who have to use the emergency rooms for regular health care.”
Michael Connelly’s fictional Los Angeles detective Harry Bosch has it right: “Either everybody counts or nobody counts.” Seems clear to me that opposition to universal health care is equivalent to making sure there are some people who don’t count.


One thought on “Misleading if not false advertising on health care

  1. You beat me to writing about this Einar. We live in times when there are some really bad people out there who care not one whit about the little people of our land. Kudos to you for this blog.

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