Front Page “News?”

Saturday headlines on page 1 of the Raleigh News & Observer: “3 shrubs trigger lengthy court fight” and “McCrory: N.C. learned from storm.” On the front page….
A lengthy court fight about 3 shrubs? No wonder the courts are still clogged. This “case” went to the N.C. Court of Appeals. Good grief.
And what did N.C. learn from the storm? “Give drivers clearer information about what happens to abandoned cars and trucks, Cancel school sports events when appropriate, Do not put state employees at risk by pressuring them to travel to work, and Make sure there are enough resources in areas that typically receive lots of snow.”
First, snow doesn’t typically go to certain spots, with the possible exception of the entire states of Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota – you get the idea.
Second, are we just learing about those other things? Good grief.
Third, and I humbly submit more useful informaton: stay home, don’t drive in storms, and wait for the sun to come out a day or two later.
Finally, my standard procedure when I manage a state court system and large D.C. law firm when people asked me whether they could leave early was to say yes, as long as they didn’t stop by a day or two later to tell me how long it took them to get home, how their vehicles were towed, etc. Good grief.


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