Unsafe Meds from India

Good news: the FDA is increasing its oversight of “…safety lapses, falsified drug trial results and selling (sic) fake medications,” according to a New York Times article by Gardiner Harris in the Raleigh News & Observer, February 17, 2014.
Bad news: the FDA has only been required by Federal law to increase its scrutiny of foreign drug manufacturers since 2012.
Good news: financing for the increased inspections by the FDA comes from fees from generic drug makers of roughly $300 million.
Bad news: Ranbaxy, one of India’s largest drug manufacturers paid a $500 million fine last year after pleading guilty to felony charges.
Bad news: India exports $15 billion in drugs annually, but the World Health Organization estimates 1 in 5 drugs from India are FAKES!
There are more news flashes in the Harris article; e.g., the FDA recently banned “…exports of adulterated generic versions of popular medicines, such as…” Accutane, Neurontin, and Cipro.
Have to wonder: will the FDA require labeling to identify where drugs are manufactured? When? In the meantime, do we have to check with our pharmacists, research the medicines we are taking, have our medicines independently tested……what else?
And why, pray tell, is this not HUGE NEWS? (I almost missed the one-column article on page 10A.)


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