Who’s in that truck?

Right now there are three white panel trucks across the street from my home.

For all I know the men who arrived in those trucks are emptying my neighbor’s home of all things valuable.

This isn’t the first time I’ve wondered why there is no requirement for business vehicles to display name, type of business, location, and phone number. The first time was when, as a law enforcement officer, I worked a case which featured a kidnapper who snatched his victim in an unmarked white panel truck.

We have friends who have had valuables carried out of their home by persons who had arrived in unmarked trucks. Any police officer with more than a month on the job will tell you it happens often.

As the new saying goes, this ain’t my first rodeo. I know felons are clever about such things as dummy names and false phone numbers. However, a neighbor who notices unexpected panel trucks across the street could call the number or look up the company on a computer without having to confront the truck’s occupants.

Nothing is perfect, but requiring business information on trucks presumably appearing for legal enterprise seems a useful step in the right direction.

Time to get in touch with our legislators…..


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