Man on the Moon! Memories of July 20, 1969

1969 Moon Landing

Today, July 20, 2014, marks the 45th Anniversary of the first manned spacecraft to reach the moon.

On that evening forty-five years ago I woke the two older children to watch the television coverage in a finished Falls Church, Virginia basement. As I recall, I had just completed the project and was already working on finishing a room in the upstairs section of the tiny house because we couldn’t fit three children easily into the two bedrooms that came with the house.

Older son was in his first year at Graham Road Elementary School and older daughter kept me company quite often while I worked upstairs. She was a bit of a chatterbox at that age and always the artist. She drew pictures for me on every side of the small pieces of 2×4’s that were left as I sawed the larger boards to frame the room, explaining each picture as she finished it. She had quite a few questions about the moon landing as well.

Wonderful memories of family and our country’s successful voyage to the moon……


One thought on “Man on the Moon! Memories of July 20, 1969

  1. Gwen and I and our 3 kids we’re on our way to vacation in Maine and had stopped over night in a NY state park. We watched it at a small TV at a nearby travel travel with lots of other folks. Never forget it.


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