Care To Change Your Medicare Coverage?

Just did a little jig from mailbox to desk.

The materials I need to make a decision about my Medicare coverage between October 15 and December 7 have arrived in a humongous package from North Carolina Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Remember the Burger King jingle, “It Takes Two Hands To Handle a Whopper?” Took two hands to get this thing in the front door.
Now let’s see what’s in this largest and heaviest envelope I’ve ever received:

1) 21-page summary….check
2) 152-page “Medicare & You 2015” from the Feds….check
3) 159-page “Member Materials”….check
4) 1,047-page provider directory….check
5) 22-page pharmacy directory….check
Total pages: 1,401….check

And congratulations to the feds for the booklet with the fewest number of pages….

Now I grant you, the vast majority of this stuff is lists of primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals and pharmacies, most of which can be ignored. But my heart sings at having over twice as many pages to pour through to find the few entries that apply to me, about twice as many pages as the last Doris Kearns Goodwin history book I read.

I’ve set aside six hours over the next week or so to find out what’s in those pages. My fear is that I’ll need more time. My other fear is that I’ll understand what I read but will forget it as soon as I turn the page.

On the other hand, I’ve already determined my monthly premium is going up 51%, my out-of-pocket maximums 44% and my copays only 25%. What else do I need to know until I need to know it?

I hope all you geezers out there are as excited as I am.


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