“The Roosevelts,” PBS Series by Ken Burns

Been watching the 7-part PBS series? What a wonderful way to experience a very important part of American history!

From establishing federal regulation of railroad freight charges and the food and drug industries to coaxing America into the fight against the Nazi’s and further along the road to equal treatment for the nation’s people of color, and for promoting a few dozen other social reforms, Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt gave their country much to take pride in.

And as I watch I can’t help but notice the similarities between the resistance the Roosevelt’s met and the shrill (and many just plain false) accusations polluting the atmosphere in the run-up to this year’s midterm elections. Then it was Progressives vs. Stalwarts; now it’s Liberals vs. Conservatives, Democrats vs. Republicans, and establishment Republicans vs. the Tea Party.

The more things change, well, you know……the more they stay pretty much the same.


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