$21 Million For Just A Few Pennies A Month!

The October 15, 2014, Raleigh News & Observer features a front page article about our (North Carolina’s) Utilities Commission 4-3 decision (4 recently appointed R’s to 3 D’s) to allow electric, gas and water utility companies to continue charging customers a 6.9% tax even though the utility companies will only pass 5% along to the state under the new corporate tax rate.
N&O reporter John Murawski writes that the companies stand to collect an additional $21 million a year even though the bills to consumers would be tiny (9 to 17 cents a month).
This decision will be appealed by the Attorney General and the N.C. Public Staff, and independent organization that looks out for the interests of utility customers.
Here’s hoping those appeals succeed.
If not, here’s hoping my utility corporations will let me know if they need any more money. Hate to see any corporate “persons” have to go on any more welfare than they are already forced to use….


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