Never Forget: Anthony Palmisano and Edwin R. Woodriffe

I was working on finishing the attic in our Falls Church, Virginia home when my wife called up to tell me two FBI agents had been killed in Washington.

January 8, 1969 is one of those dates I’ll always remember where I was and what I was doing.  For me and for the family and other friends of Tony and Ed, that January day is like the dates of President Kennedy’s assassination, the moon landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall, my children’s birthdays.

It was on that day that FBI Agents Tony Palmisano and Ed Woodriffe, two of my brothers in law enforcement, were shot and killed by escaped federal prisoner Billie Austin Bryant.  Tony and Ed had just entered a Southwest Washington, D.C. apartment building when Bryant surprised them in a hallway.  Bryant was sentenced to a life sentence for each murder.

Ed was a classmate of mine in New Agent Training in the summer of 1967.  Tony and I served on the same squad for a time in the Washington Field Office.  They were outstanding gentlemen and law enforcement officers, both forever dearly missed by family and friends.

For more information, search FBI Honor Roll.


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