Snowstorm Memories

Good friend sent me some photos of the snow over-supply in New England.
Reminded me of the snowstorms in Michigan in the 80’s.  At that time I had what I called my “mini-farm” of 10 acres a few miles southeast of Lansing.  One morning of my dogs was rapping on my bedroom window to wake me up for her morning food.  That was only unusual because my bedroom was on the 2nd floor of my house, and she had crawled up on a snow drift to deliver her message.
Of course the kids loved it.  I had to have a guy come out with a front loader to clear the driveway, which was about 150 yards long.  He piled all the snow to make a small mountain the kids played on for several weeks.  For several winters after that episode my youngest two kept asking me when I was going to get the mountain back.

2 thoughts on “Snowstorm Memories

  1. Einar –

    Sounds familiar. From 1970 – 2001, our home south of Lake Ontario was on a small circle of about 6 houses. Annual snowfall in Rochester was normally about 120″ but, on a few occasions, it exceeded 140″. Most winters, the plows simply drove around our circle building a small mountain of maybe 10′ in the middle. When any winter’s snowfall was especially heavy, front end loaders would build our circle’s snow mountain to a height of almost 20′. At that point, our kids would make tunnels into and through the snow mountain and then, to make sure that their tunnels would not collapse, we sprayed the snow mountain with a hose to turn it into an ice mountain on which the kids played until late April.



    1. Hey John, nice to hear from you. And – great description of your snow/ice mountain! My kids did the same. I also sprayed, but didn’t let them in those tunnels without my being within a few feet just in case. A Dad’s worries are never over….. All the best.


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