Still Can Laugh

Pickles made me laugh today.

Earl showed Opal his newly

discovered sock removal-retrieval

system, using feet to remove,

then flip up and catch.

Earl waited for applause;

Opal regretted no current

talent show, no Ed Sullivan.


A few days ago putting on socks

didn’t first require a hot shower.

Kneeling to paint the baseboard

didn’t require leaning on a stool

to get down and back up.

Afternoon reading didn’t require a nap,

and sleep didn’t require a LazyBoy.


But the daily comics still summon me;

Earl, Opal, Charlie Brown, Dagwood.

No new requirements;

I still can laugh.


2 thoughts on “Still Can Laugh

  1. Einar –

    Reading Pickles and his other comic strip friends is one of the first things I do every day. Laughing beats almost all of the other alternatives.



  2. I’m with you on these, plus let’s add Baby Blues, Red Rover and an occasional jumping over to the next page of comics and hear Dilbertexplaining explains to me some of my former bosses


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