Islamic Jihad and the Crusades

Interesting video with maps showing jihadi invasions from 620 to 1920 vs. crusades from 1080 to 1260.

Perhaps the next time somebody brings up the crusades to make a point about Europe’s role in this apparently endless madness I’ll have to point out that the jihadi invasions started 440 years before the first crusade and lasted 660 years longer, and that only takes us to 1920.  Not much of a comparison.

And that makes me wonder if suicide bombers, attacks on diplomats and diplomatic facilities, the 9/11 horror and travesty, and all the rest of the hideous reports we endure with seemingly every night’s news thanks to “Islamic extremists” – does any of that get added to the thirteen centuries, the thirteen hundred year list of jihad?

At the U.S. National Archives: “Study the Past” and “The Past is Prologue” is etched beneath the stone lions that guard the entrance on Constitution.


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