Eleven Year-Old Soldier By Vision

Wow. Magnificent.  Check out the tribute this young man pays to veterans of D-Day, June 6, 1944.
The war of my youth, when the enemy was known and the battle lines drawn.
How many times as a kid did I wish I’d been born sooner, to take part in that struggle. First there were the movies depicting the appeal, the “romance” of war, with John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart, and Jeff Chandler.
And then how many times when I was older did I realize how lucky I was to be a veteran of the Cold War, in the USAF between Korea and Viet Nam, and never coming close to any combat. The movies then were “Schindler’s List,” “The Longest Day,” and, worst of all, “Saving Private Ryan.” What a wake-up call!
Life has a way of making a lot of our decisions without checking with us first, without our participation…..
Great story.


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