Pete Hampton: Still With Me

One of the best results of writing this blog is that I often hear from readers.  And since writing is a lonely job, I must admit to enjoying every response; good, not so good, critique, every response.  And what a joy it is to hear from family (some of whom I didn’t even know), former students, and friends and co-workers I’ve lost touch with,

Speaking of hearing from readers, I had occasion to have dinner recently in Chicago with one of my oldest friend’s widow and her children and their spouses.  I met Pete Hampton during our Air Force service.  We were part of each other’s wedding parties (Pete was my best man).  Pete and Lynn were godparents for one of my children.  At the dinner a toast was made by Pete’s grown children to Grady Mollahan, a character in my book that was based on Pete, so much so that anyone who knew us, certainly our families, would recognize that Grady was Pete.
Pete died as a result of an auto accident years ago and I miss him still.  To have his children raise their glasses in a toast to words I wrote, words that had the effect of bringing back memories of their Dad – well – I think I concealed my reaction, but that toast to Pete as Grady was a two-Kleenex event for me.
I think of you often, Pete.  You’re still with me.



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