“Even More Impervious to Western Intervention”

The premise of the article referenced below is that the (maybe) deal with Iran regarding that country’s nuclear program will be perceived as U.S. weakness.

For me, the author sums up  the Mideast in one phrase: “…impervious to Western intervention.”  Unfortunately, the phrase is used to conclude that “…the area’s vast array of challenges would be even more impervious to Western intervention….” as a result of the proposed agreement with Iran.

Should we continue to intervene?  Spend more American lives and money trying to change centuries of tribalism, war lords, suicide bombers, and extremists who murder innocent people to show the world how they would rule?

I’d support helping reasonable Mideast governments go after the extremists, but I say enough to fighting all their battles for them.  Air strikes and surgical strikes by Navy Seals and other elite U.S. ground forces in support of Mideast operations?  Probably yes, but only after we are certain that we are needed and respected and only as a separate force within an international coalition.

Raleigh News & Observer, “Nuke pact could project weakness that could embolden states and extremists alike,” by Dan Perry, AP, April 6, 2015.


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