Solar Energy – Taxpayer Boondoggle?

This morning I was treated to front-page newspaper story of how 10 major U.S. corporations have apparently convinced our state legislature that it might be a good idea to allow competition, in the form of solar power, with electric utilities.  Most of the article deals with the “Energy Freedom Act,” a bill in the NC legislature that would allow companies to compete against the big utilities to provide electricity.

But, now hear this: in a front-page article titled “GOP bill pushes for solar expansion,” by John Murawski, Raleigh News & Observer, April 8, 2015, the author writes:

“Republicans have traditionally been wary of renewable energy, with many calling it a taxpayer-subsidized boondoggle.  But in recent years solar costs have plummeted and solar expansion exceeded expectations that would have seemed naïve just a few years ago.  (my underlining)

Well it did seem naïve a few years ago, mostly to people who didn’t like the fact that President Obama was behind a massive effort to increase the use of solar power and other renewable energy sources.

The N&O article goes on:
“…the Rocky Mountain Institute issued a report predicting that by 2030 the traditional power grid could supply as little as 25 percent of the nation’s electricity as solar panels and storage systems take up the slack.”

Taxpayer boondoggle indeed.


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