See you….

“See you in the funny papers” was once a light-hearted expression people used to say when they parted.  Having recognized myself in the funny papers, aka “comics,” in the newspaper, I look forward to them every morning and dread the day when, along with newspapers, they’ll disappear. Guess they’ll show up online, but it won’t be the same.

Even it I’m in a rush I don’t skip Pickles, Peanuts, Shoe, Family Circus, and several others.  In addition to occasionally using “see you in the funny papers,” I recently had a call from a friend who pointed out that I’m one of the last people he knows who says “so long” instead of goodbye. Got that from my mother. She never said goodbye, just “so long for a while.”

Got an even better farewell saying from my Grandmom  (“Mom”) Murphy/Mcdavitt: “See you in church if they keep the windows clean,” which always both tickles and puzzles.  Tickles when I think of her outside the church looking in at me through the clean windows, and puzzles because she was a regular attendee at Mass and therefore always on the inside.

See you….


One thought on “See you….

  1. Einar –

    The most common farewell I hear from my current friends is, “see ya’ on the links if it ever stops raining.”



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