Something Else That Needs Changing

(Warning: the following is intended as SATIRE and does not necessarily  reflect the views of the author, his family, or his friends.)

This post could probably use a rating system like we see on TV or at the movies.  Perhaps PG-13 would suffice.

With all the social media traffic about the Confederate Flag,  recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, the Washington Redskins, and a host of other challenges we face every day, this morning I thought of still another something else that needs changing; namely, the labels used by electricians, plumbers, and their suppliers for various types of electric and plumbing parts and equipment.

We need to change these labels!  They are insulting and demeaning to everybody, male, female, LGBT people, religions, political parties, service clubs, the YMCA, the military, the police benevolent associations, everybody.

What are these labels?  Consider the electrical plug and the device on the wall (or anything else that accepts a plug; e.g., your leaf blower) the plug plugs into.  The plug is “male” and the outlet the plug fits into is “female.”

And the plug and outlet are not the only examples.  If the end of a pipe has thread on the outside, it’s male.  The end of the pipe that the male part fits into is female.

The male/female labels are even used for your garden hose connectors.

There are more examples, but, alas, I have miles to go before I sleep. 

I’m sure someone who reads this will have the time to start a campaign to come up with labels that are not so insulting and demeaning to everyone. 

I’ll probably pitch in $10 or so if the website uses PayPal.


One thought on “Something Else That Needs Changing

  1. Hey Joe!

    I enjoyed your Carmel alumni news posting that Matt Taylor previewed for us ‘57 grads. It led to my pulling up your blog from which I enjoyed reading a number of the items therein.

    The item mentioning the Confederate flag controversy particularly caught my eye. Since I don’t “have a dog in that fight,” having lived in middle Tennessee for the past thirty-plus years, that whole doo-daa gave me lots of opportunities for copious chuckles from the sidelines.

    Folks waving around whatever flag they want won’t change who I am. So, the first of my chuckles came when it hit me that past experience proves people are allowed to turn Old Glory itself into burning torches, various styled swim suits, tank tops, jeans, skid-marked underpants… you name it. Ha! Nothing in that regard surprises me anymore. I guess, for me, the old adage applies: All that nonsense tells me more about the people doing it than it informs me about some point they’re trying to make.

    However, I will admit a sense of relief over the move to eliminate public display of Confederate flags… if for no other reason than to pull the rug out from under all the piss prairie progressives and limousine liberals from up north (and both coasts) always trying to tell folks of southern ancestry what they really mean by displaying the “offending” flag.

    Now the aforementioned self-appointed authorities on real southern culture can get on with the serious business of eliminating another offensive southern tradition. Yep! I refer that to which they are subjected every time they slink through the region bound for their Florida condos… GRITS!!! Grits served especially with breakfast. (“Damn that ground up peat gravel slop that meanders among my scrambled eggs, hash browns and anything else I‘ve ordered!”) Not to mention the grits casserole rock pile accompany- ing my lunch and dinner orders at off interstate Cracker Barrels. Oh, the inhumanity of it all!

    With the elimination of grits, they can start on rubbing out that long standing institution of Confederate barbarism… Southeastern Conference football. I’m no fan, but let’s be fair, where else can a young punk, classroom dodging, barroom brawling, gang date rapist sociopath supposedly git hissef ‘n ejacashun? Don’t we have “safe cities” for our illegal aliens? Why not just consider an SEC university a “safe campus” for these athletic young louts? And just think of the moola football programs bring in to the schools. Ha! I rest my case.

    But then again. As for me and my family, we’ll just keep on enjoying the wholesomeness of what the south has to offer and simply keep on chuckling from the sidelines watching the “experts” keep on trying to clobber Good Ole Dixie.

    Glad to hear things are going well for you and your loved ones, Joe. The Riedle family is truly blest. we’ve got ’em distributed from Anchorage on down through the Chicago area, southern Illinois, Nashville and Madeira Beach, FL Folks sometimes ask me our adult children’s and our grandkids’ ages. I can only reply that with them strung out north to south as they are, I’m lucky to remember their names (Ha).

    I’m going to go back on your blog now, m’friend… to enjoy come more of your Rooneyish observations on the culture.

    Continued blessings,

    Jim Riedle ‘57


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