Learning Windows 10 DIY

Whew! What a relief! My copy of “Windows 10 FOR DUMMIES” arrived in yesterday’s Amazon package.

But wait! It weighs a little less than a 5-pound bag of sugar and sports a beefy read of 952 pages, counting the index. At my age, I’m certain it would not fit under my feet if I jumped as high as possible.

I deserve this punishment. I’ve had Windows 10 for a month and am still using the new laptop it came with – wait – it’s the other way around: the new laptop came with Windows 10. Anyway, I’m still using the new laptop as though it were my old laptop; namely, using the Windows 10 features that let you use it without using Windows 10. I’m hoping that last sentence was actually a sentence.

On to the first chapter. Sometime in April of 2016 I’ll be finished with the book and achieve entry-level capability. At my age, and I am not able to emphasize how I hate using that phrase so often, the learning curve is steep. By May of 2016 I will try to let you know how it went.


6 thoughts on “Learning Windows 10 DIY

  1. Hey Joe!

    Great “stuff”. Interesting and thoughtful as always.

    Better you than me, trying to catch up from behind the curve on Windows 10. (Ha!).

    You mentioned, somewhere along the line, three ways of learning. I believe it was Augustine who first introduced me to the concept that the most popular ways of learning included reading and hearing, But, teaching the subject was the best method. You and your mentor(s?) are in great company.

    Buried among your many items I was perusing, you noted having worked with a lot of lawyers and judges, It reminded me of how chagrined I was to hear of our old Carmel ’57 pal, (Lincoln Nebraska Circuit Court Judge) Bernie McGinn”s recent death. Word on the streets out there was that he was fair, respectful and a great friend to the community. My brother, Bob ’54, and Bernie spent two years with the Carmelites up at Niagara. Bob has some neat stories about Bernie’s being there.

    Oh yes…re: your description of law enforcement training regarding being faced with resistance. I heard G. Gordon Liddy once claim that J. Edgar Hoover used to tell his agents if they had to draw their weapon on someone, they’d better shoot and shoot to kill. Otherwise, the perp “will get hold of your weapon and shove it up your ass!”

    Keep them interestin’ views a-comin’, Joe!

    Jim Riedle ’57
    Smyrna, TN


    1. *Hi Jim,* *Thanks for the comments.* *I credit Carmel with a huge role in any success I’ve had. My life during those years was such a mess I’ve often wondered how I ever made it through. Losing my father at the beginning of junior year didn’t help. Being a year behind most of my classmates – we graduated four months after I turned 17 – didn’t help either. I really didn’t wake up to what Carmel was all about until halfway through junior year. That “Enter a boy and leave as a man” sign began to resonate in my dumbass teenage brain.* *Anyway, I was always in the background. Guys like Bernie McGinn only came across me when I served food at breakfast and lunch in Brother Harry’s Student Center, where I worked my way through school.* *I did have some great pals though, Dave Dillon among them. And I began to do better in classes, started developing more interest in my job of learning. To this day I think I was one of about 3 in Section 4-4 that understood Mr. O’Connor’s physics class. Lord knows I helped a bunch of my classmates get through that one.* *After enlisting in the Air Force a month after graduation, I began to gain some weight and play some serious ball – all the big 3: football, basketball, and baseball on various service teams. Made some college teams when I got out. Wasn’t good enough to play much, but did make some teams. Ed Lyons came up to me at our 50th, looked me up and down, and said “we could have used you.” I told him I wasn’t much use back then.* *Anyway, thanks again. Great to hear from you. Hope I can make it to another alumni banquet or two.* *All the best…….*


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