The DIY Guy Does It Himself

Most every do-it-yourself home project there is I have tackled with various success over the years. Finished three basements (Michigan, Virginia, and North Carolina), finished an upstairs room (Virginia), added a sun room and garage (North Carolina, with lots of professional involvement), handled carpentry, electrical and painting projects, done the heavy lifting for Karen’s gardens, and even tackled a few plumbing and HVAC projects.

Got pretty good at all of them except plumbing. The plumbing projects go in this order:

a.  Turn off the main water supply.  Very important.  Do not ignore this critical               step.

b.  Take whatever it is apart.

c.  Take parts to parts shop and attempt to get advice.

d.  Attempt to put back together; i.e., fix.

e.  Repeat b through d.     (Three or four times.)

f.  Call plumber.

The only time I didn’t follow that routine completely was when I redid two bathrooms here in Wake Forest. Much to the relief of the lovely and patient female plumber in the plumbing department at Lowe’s (she had taken reluctant part in previous projects), I actually replaced two vanities and faucets on the first try.  No leaks.  Drains drained.  Hot and cold water came out of the correct faucets.  

On my next trip to Lowe’s I looked up my helpful plumber to let her know of my success.  Her response: “Do tell.”

Miracles do happen.


3 thoughts on “The DIY Guy Does It Himself

  1. You are much more capable & adventurous than I. I did some work in the NY house, plumbing & some carpentry, but only minor electrical. Now, it’s make a call. Gene


  2. Whenever I see a leaking faucet, I back up, get out of the way and call a plumber. Oh sure I turn off the water, but that’s it. Every time a plumber enters our home, I go to the bank and take out a plumbing loan, so his children can go to college.


  3. You have more ambition and talent in home improvement than I ever had. Let me try to explain why.

    My father wouldn’t own a home for the reason you mention. He own no tools. If the faucet leaked he would say “Mary call the plumber.” the same went for electrical and other handyman duties. He said he had a deal with the plumbers and electricians. He wouldn’t take food out of their mouth by doing their work and they wouldn’t sell grain and feed.

    My mother had suggested that the two of them paint the kitchen. Finally after months of suggesting this was the weekend she finally put her foot down. Saturday morning dad was having his coffee and mom said “Today’s the day we paint.” Dad said okay and finished his coffee and went upstairs. He returned in a suit and tie. Mom said “What are you doing?” Dad said “Mary these are my work clothes.”


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