IS, ISIS, ISIL, Da’ish, Daiish, Daesh, Dahes

Just to clear things up:

IS: Islamic State of Iraq

ISIS: Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

ISIL: Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant

Da’ish, Daiish, Daesh: all closely related to the Arabic word “dahes,” which has been translated as: “bigot who imposes his view on others.”

It started as IS back in October of 2006.

Most of us think of it as ISIS because that’s the term most every American journalist (print, TV, and radio) uses.

President Obama uses ISIL (the Levant an older term describing the far eastern part of what we think of as the much larger Mideast).

The French President and the U.S. Secretary of State use what we hear as simply “Dash,” which according to the translation above probably describes the group with understatement; i.e., imposing a view is an understatement when contrasted with the beheading people on the Internet.

Got it?

I sure don’t.

My thoughts about the entire area and our attempts to influence what goes on there seldom get past the basic reality that the region consists of tribal societies that have existed for centuries, killed each other for centuries, killed others that don’t agree with them or have something they want, killed each other for not believing what they believe (spiritually), killed others that don’t believe what they believe (spiritually), blame their problems on others (countries, societies, races, religions, etc.), often and tediously and publicly call for the elimination of others (countries, societies, races, religions, etc.), teach their children how to hate those who do not believe what they believe, and so on.

Who can blame the hundreds of thousands who are trying to get somplace else to live?

Warning: the following is satire: do not proceed if you will at any time accuse me of having seriously proposed any of the following:

If I had the proverbial magic wand I would:

      1. Help the refugees relocate to other Mideast countries where the culture, language, and average temperature will not be like Minnesota.

      2. Shut down most Mideast oil wells to eliminate the greed factor.

      3. Convene the leaders and order them to agree on separate locations where all the warring factions can have their own land, government, mosques, whatever, along with the promise that they will restrain from ever again trying to convince anybody else that their way is the only way. This of course will require redrawing the map, but why on earth would I stop this crazy set of suggestions before the new countries are set up and on the map? Let’s see: Sunnis there, Shia there, Wahhabis over there, expand Israel, expand Lebanon… problem.

      4. Eliminate, with prejudice, all “bigots who would impose their views on others.”

Give me a week or two to come up with the specifics……


4 thoughts on “IS, ISIS, ISIL, Da’ish, Daiish, Daesh, Dahes

  1. If only you’d written this (and I read it) a few days earlier. Spent a bit of time researching this the other night when I asked, “What’s the difference between….?”
    I think it was last year that Colton had to do a research assignment on “Middle Eastern Extremism.” He had to include a timeline of the history and it was an incredible learning experience for all of us. Some of the information we found about the origins were not so outrageous, but just as with so many well intended calls for action today, people who were not invested in the “true” meaning behind the actions jumped on board and things quickly got ugly. Just like when you ask many of the “Occupy This and That” participants what change they are hoping to invoke and are answered with a blank stare, many of today’s terrorists screaming “Praise Allah,” probably can’t even spell mosque.
    It’s very well documented that the early religious extremist groups gave way to secular and even state sponsored groups as far back as the early 70’s. Our “enemy” is a constantly moving target and sometimes it feels to me like our leaders really don’t mind keeping it that way.


  2. Einar –

    As an addition to your satire, I think that the USA should build on its success with gun-free zones by adding terrorist-free zones; thereby reducing the need to worry about terrorists only to those who are not law abiding.



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