Terrorism By the Numbers

Where quotation marks appear in the following, the quotes are from the TIME magazine cover story by David Von Drehle, “Beating ISIS,” in the November 30 – December 7 issue.

The mass shooting this week in San Bernadino, California, continues to dominate the news. Opinions vary on motive, workplace rage, inspired terror attack, and so on. For my part, I doubt I’ll ever understand how the parents of a six month-old daughter could say goodbye to that baby before driving off to kill and injure people.

But I write today to urge study of the TIME cover story mentioned above. The cover title is “World War ISIS.” The complete article features another eight articles.

A few highlights:

“Whatever the world has been doing about ISIS, it’s not working.”

“The Islamic State is a fibroid of territory enmeshed is a cat’s cradle of ethnic, religious and geopolitical strands so densely tangled as to defy solution.”

“Young people from an estimated 90 nations have been drawn to ISIS.”

“Yes, terror is the new normal. There were 13,463 terror attacks across the globe in 2014, according to the U.S. State Department…about 37 per day, or roughly one every 40 minutes.”

Well worth a read if only to make us think about how all this mayhem can be stopped.


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