Coudn’t Possibly Be My Fault

Help me out here. I’m dealing with a lot of situations and am in serious need of having someone to blame for my misfortune.

First, stuff is just getting too expensive. Not long ago you could get a Big Mac combo for $3.20. Now it’s over $6. At the grocery store they’re not just raising prices, they’re reducing what you get by decreasing the size of the package or by just not putting as much in the old package.

Next, nobody’s doing anything about all those NASCAR wannabees out there speeding, tailgating, tossing stuff out their windows, weaving in and out of freeway lanes to get two more car lengths ahead, and so on. Not enough law enforcement to monitor terrorists? We apparently don’t even have enough law enforcement to keep our streets and highways safe.

And I’m fairly falling apart physically despite my gym time, walking time, and golf time. Just spent the better part of the last five weeks hobbling around on a sore ankle that took several doctors to figure out is caused by arthritis, old injuries, and old age. Took four weeks to get to a foot and ankle doc who gave me a cortisone shot and an ankle brace; and that has fixed me up, albeit the fix is likely only temporary. By the way, the eyesight and hearing and knees aren’t doing so great either, and I’m about ready for new teeth.

And when will somebody do something about obesity, the cost of manufacturing a penny, guns, cops who shouldn’t be cops, movie ticket prices, traffic, health care, the Mid-East, the Far-East, the East in general, drought, forest fires, the poor performance of my IRA, storms, climate change, the liberal media, the economy, the conservative media, how the candidate for vice president is chosen, getting my library to offer more books on CD’s, IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, the shrinking middle class, unions, marriage, all those people who don’t look like us, all those people who don’t believe what we believe, homeowner associations, healthy people who park in handicapped spaces, and all the other things somebody should be doing something about?

Which brings me to a post I just saw on Facebook listing the number of mass shootings since Ronald Reagan was President. Since the number increased slowly until President Obama was elected, and since the person who posted those numbers wants somebody to explain why the number of mass shootings increased by roughly 10 times the numbers under Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II, I assume whoever posted this information seeks to blame the increase on President Obama, who is of course to be blamed for the mentally ill and all the true believers who easily get hold of combat weapons and carry out all those shootings. Never mind that our country is still mired in war in the Mid-East, an area that has produced killers and assassins of every stripe for centuries, and that there are thousands (millions?) of true believers who hate the U.S. and have hated the U.S. for a long time.

So, I’m ready to blame the President for all my misfortune too. Even if my misfortune didn’t begin with his inauguration, it sure got worse, and the fact that I’m seven years older and much less smart than the average teenager can’t possibly be relevant.


2 thoughts on “Coudn’t Possibly Be My Fault

  1. You are truly a mess. We could go back to the Barbary Pirates, around the time of our nation’s founding, to find problems with the Muslims. They were bothering India from the 600’s & on, so consider ourselves lucky. With all the considered international & national difficulties, you are entitled to take your TS card over to the chaplain, & have him punch it. Then, come over & share a coffee,tea or hot chocolate with me. I’ll even try to get a nice piece of pastry for us. Thanks for an entertaining blog.



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