Seeking Leadership

Help me out here…. I’m still insisting that it’s possible to nominate and confirm someone to the U.S. Supreme Court who will decide cases without having to check with the DNC, the RNC, the latest opinion polls, a focus group, the nominator’s party, the political parties those who advise and consent belong to, the media, Wall Street, the 1%, etc.
Have to wonder, given the publicity and the fact of the deep friendship between Justices and political opposites Ginsberg and Scalia, whether there are two such U.S. Senators, respected by their peers, who could sit down with the President and come up with a nominee that could be confirmed.
Let’s have some leadership. Please! Good grief…..


3 thoughts on “Seeking Leadership

  1. AMEN. EJ, it is incomprehensible to me how these folks in the beltway cannot understand that reaching out and agreeing upon a candidate acceptable to both parties ( recognizing that there apparent political views may change) is their responsibility. Of course, Obama has the right to nominate anyone he chooses, and the Senate will ADVISE AND CONSENT as they believe. But wouldn’t it make sense for Obama to ask the loyal opposition for a list of who they would approve and select accordingly? Different, but why not? Of course, this will never happen. Einar, I’ve known you for some time, and honestly believe you would be a much more effective president than Obama (no offense).


  2. Hear hear!!!! I think u should seek elective office, and I could be your back up!!!! Oh my!!!!! What am I thinking!!! Could it work??? !&:!.@?!! Naaa!! Me

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