Where They Can Go

	Help me out here.  Going out on a flimsy limb with this one, but I'm compelled, no, 
ruled by logic.	
	Watched another story on the national news this evening about where transgender 
kids can go, as in: “When you gotta go, you gotta go.”  
	Apparently there are those who cannot abide a transgender male's use of a women's 
restroom or a transgender female's use of a men's restroom.
	Come on, folks. Both humans will enter whichever restroom, enter a stall, conduct 
their necessary business, wash up (please – everyone!), and leave.
	Why?  There are no urinals in women's restrooms, so transgender females, will, like all other females, use a stall.  And, by the way, stalls come with doors that lock.  
Transgender males, likely not anxious to try a urinal, will more than likely also use a 
stall.  With a locked door.  And of course, anybody who has to sit down will use a stall.
	So what's the problem, really?  As is the case with many of our major social issues, 
it's bigotry and intolerance.  We've transformed too many things that really don't affect usin any material way into social litmus tests.  
	If I ever get to caring who uses which restroom I'll be sure to remember not to do 
much traveling outside the U.S., where I've encountered cleaning ladies mopping the 
floor right next to me, where those who preceded me did a poor job of aiming, and unisexrestrooms where I've washed my hands next to the lady I admired in the mirror behind thebar.
	I'm not reading or watching any more dreck about which restroom, but I will take a minute to ponder the craziness that popped up a while ago about eliminating the restroomsigns noting that employees must wash their hands at the end of each visit.  Thankfully 
that proposal to get government out of our way was dead on arrival.  Good grief.

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