Study the Past….

	A postal inspector in Baltimore noticed fluid leaking from a package addressed to a 
federal judge.  Then he noticed that the fluid had burned a hole in the package.  The 
Baltimore Police Bomb Squad was summoned and the U.S. Department of Justice was 
	At the end of the day thirty-four bombs were discovered, addressed to people in 
government and industry whose work involved immigration.
	This all happened almost a hundred years ago, right after World War I, also called 
“The Great War” and “The War To End All Wars,” was over. The U.S. was rife with 
discontent, often violent, aimed at Germans, Russians, Bolsheviks (called “Bolshies”), 
anarchists, people of color – in short, anybody who didn't look or act like “an American” or speak English.
	One of the tragic results of the hatred so rampant in those days was a police strike in Boston.  Two books to read if you'd like to learn more and quite possibly once again 
realize change is never easy or quick: Dennis Lehane's novel “The Given Day” and 
Francis Russel's (non-fiction) “A City In Terror,” both readily available on Amazon 
(e-book or traditional form).
	Compare what is described in those books with what today's “angry voters” have to say. 
	The stone work at the left and right sides at the entrance to our National Archives 
building in Washington read: “Study the Past” and “The Past is Prologue.”

One thought on “Study the Past….

  1. It just shows us that “ the more things change, the more they remain the same “. We haven’t made any headway since 1918. The Trump supporters are deaf & blind to his speech & actions. Rubio is right in calling him a con-artist. The Rep. insiders would like to stop Trump. Some have said that they were willing to lose the election, to save the party. They feel he is going to destroy the Rep. party. They have t come together to support ONE candidate, though. That’s the hard part. Today, Sen. Lindsay Graham, said that if you shot Ted Cruz on the Senate floor, you wouldn’t be arrested. But, he said, you have to stop Trump. Lawrence O’Donnell has called Trump an ignoramus. His followers seem to be cut from the same cloth. Nice hearing from you, but we missed you at lunch.



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